Custom Lighting

C ustom Lighting has been the buzz word for the past few years. But in reality it has been around since the late 60′s, but the technology back then was very cumbersome, extremely expensive and reserved only for the most privileged like James Bond’s villains of the past. Today’s custom remote lighting options are very affordable, easy to install and integrated into any dwelling, and now it is much less complicated then anytime before. It is so nice to dim your light from the comfort of your bed, or turn lights on and off from just about any place on Earth where there is a Wi-Fi connection, via your Smart Device of your choice. Smart Lighting systems like this are also part of your complete security and they also offer long term savings when it comes to your electric bills and the longevity of your light sources. In other words; custom lighting can give you more security, a piece of mind and long term savings. The best part of all is that this new technology is very GREEN and eco-friendly. We offer the best in Smart Lighting systems including the award winning LUTRON custom line of lighting equipment. Finally you can control your light that way you want to.