Media Servers

W e offer complete full-house solution when it comes to distributing your favorite music wired or wireless throughout your home in super high fidelity, including outdoor areas such as decks and pools. There are many easy to use options today to send music to your favorite rooms and areas of the house. We offer a large variety of options, including in-wall and in-ceiling speaker systems, remote amplifiers or stand alone wireless units. One of our favorite solutions is the award winning SONOS streaming system which is loading with multiple features, including popular streaming music service such as Pandora Radio, iHeart Radio, and 100′s of streaming music stations throughout the world. You can even create custom music stations suited just to your taste. Obviously you can stream all your personal music content from PC’s, Smart Devices, Remote Hard Drives, or other server systems in pure CD quality. Easy to control and very flexible, SONOS is one of the best values and performance in home streaming solutions. For more information and details please contact us for a FREE consultation.