Smart TV sales and Installation

W e offer the latest in flat panel HDTV technologies at just about any size, including the latest generation of SMART TV’s that allows you to integrate all your interactive media and on-demand streaming content as well as complete internet access and send it directly to your television set. We carry all the major brands and models. SMART TV technology allows you to easily incorporate all your SMART Wi-Fi devices with your SMART TV.
Our professionals installers will come out to your home, and install your new HDTV in just about any location, without the messy wires, cumbersome boxes or complex control systems. We offer numerous mounting choices including conventional wall mounts, swivel mounts and even concealed screen systems. How would you like for your HDTV to pop up from your dresser, or be hidden by a scrolling painting above a fireplace in your bedroom? We can do it all! Just give us a call for a complete FREE home consultation and see what we can do for you.